I was born and raised in Southern California. My dad grew up  surfing up and down the West Coast and I followed in his footsteps. My dad, who has shaped surfboards since he was a teenager, played a major part in my appreciation of surfing. Growing up, the only surf movies I watched were my dad’s old movies from the 60’s and 70’s, which helped shape my perspective on surfing.

Surfing used to be more of an art form and creative expression, and less of a competitive sport. It was peaceful, harmonious and it was full of soul. I believe this is still at the core of surfing and I want to help resurrect that mentality.

I started Mas Wavos to share my outlook on the beauty of surfing. 

Growing up surfing and being involved in various clothing companies has given me the knowledge and ability to design and create the products that surfing deserves. 

To avoid contributing to micro-plastics in the ocean, Mas Wavos garments are made of natural fabrics, not synthetics. I also want to strengthen the local economy and small businesses, therefore Mas Wavos is manufactured locally in Southern California. I am working with the best factories to ensure the highest quality garments. I am involved in every step of the journey-- from the drawing board to cutting and sewing and putting the products to the test.

Miki Dora said, “The individuals are being pushed out, and the clones are taking over.”
Since that has already happened, I'm here to reverse it.

Ron Herman

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